Jumat, 17 April 2009

The new Samsung SCH-U490


I don’t know where this guy got the leak. But, rumors have been very lately about the release of the latest cellphone from the Korean Cellphone manufacturer, Samsung. Dubbed Samsung SCH-U490 or also called Samsung Trance, will have goodies that you can find in the latest edition of cellular phones nowadays such as internal memory as big as 1 GB, 1.3 megapixel built in camera to capture sudden moment.

This cellphone is different from the previous one that looks a little bit fatter with the Juke. A Bang & Olufsen has been installed, hence it looks more compact and slimmer. A new feature navigation keys that are sensitive to touch and also context also become one of the advantage. For additional memory, if the 1 gb memory is not enough, an expansion slot for microSDHC is also available up to 16 GB.

Other features such as media playback, 3.5 mm headphone jackand speaker phone are also jammed into this bad boy. It really shown that the guys at Samsung always have something up their sleeves. If you are interested in this gadget, you have to wait until around April when Verizon is said going to be the vendor.

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